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Greek Exporters in new markets

Greek Exporters
Enter New Markets

Greek exports are entering new markets around the world – from South Asia to South America to the Caribbean – supporting the country’s economic recovery and demonstrating the growing competitiveness of Greek enterprises.

In the last two years, Greece has seen a surge in worldwide exports, up 13.2% last year, to a record high of €28.5 billion. The export boom has been driven both by rising demand from traditional European Union trading partners, as well as first time ever Greek exports to new trading partners.

According to a recent analysis by the Panhellenic Exporters Association, Greek products were exported to more than half-a-dozen new markets in 2017 including: Pakistan, Belarus, the British Virgin Islands, the Ivory Coast, Cape Verde and Trinidad & Tobago, among others.
The analysis shows that the share of Greek exports to non-EU countries rose to 46.9% of total exports, up from a 44.3% share in 2016.

As Greece has emerged from its recent financial crisis, hundreds of Greek business have been reaching out to international markets and re-focussing their production and services on exports.