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CENTRALs original form was established on 1970, aiming the production of telephone devices and accessories. The company has followed a successful – evolving course, which with the experience and technical knowledge acquired has led us in a constant quality improvement and a wider activity and product range. We gradually acquired an up to date technical equipment, building – logistics premises, a Research and Development (RnD) department, with ultimate purpose, the knowledge and flexibility in order to be able to adjust to the needs that arise from the evolution of technology.

In 1993 Central was acknowledged by the Ministry of Industry (A/A 8094/93) as production unit of telecommunications equipment of Advanced Technology.

In 1998 Central was evolved into an S.A. with title CENTRAL S.A.

In 1999 Central gets ISO 9001 certified (design, production sales and imports of telecommunications equipment). The certification issued to the company, is a proof of compliance to the procedures required for all activities and a proof of the constant improvement of the already certified procedures, followed in terms of products and services.

In 2004 our activities expand with the creation of a new production department of fiber optic materials with high end technological equipment.

In 2009 Central gets ISO 14001 certified (Environmental Management) proving an active participation in green growth and protection of the environment, by establishing procedures that comply to the standards

The company today constitutes one of the most important manufacturers and importers of hardware purposed for use in all of the range of the Telecommunications Subscriber Networks as well as the Structured Cabling Networks (voice – data - optics)

In the public market, central supplier authorized retail shops of electrical hardware, companies of telecommunication in all of Greece as well as in certain countries abroad. The company is an official supplier of the Hellenic PTT (OTE) with a continuous presence since 1992.
Products & Services

Central manufactures and imports Structured Cabling materials (CAT5E – 6 – 6A), Fiber Optics – components, Cabinets – Racks 19 & accessories, Distribution Boxes - IDC connection hardware, Overvoltage protection, Lightning Protection and terminal hardware for subscriber networks.

For the commercial sector of the market Central has chosen certified products from well known manufacturers from abroad. 

All the conditions have been met, so that with the complete product range and services, we can offer a successfully solution to even the most difficult requirements of Network Systems.

Telecommunication equipment, lighting fixtures, electric material.
Managing Director:
Mr. Nikolaos Sotiriou
Sales & Export Manager:
Mr. Ioannis Berlis