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The AIR-SUN SA activates in the production of electricity from Wind and Solar power and extending the area of energy and environmental technologies in general.

The object of work includes studies of specific projects and the design and manufacture of hybrid plants and facilities for renewable energy.

With specialized staff and associates takes over:

Study facilities.
Installation of wind, solar and hydroelectric systems.
Connect the installation unit consumption.
Connecting the installation to the network of electricity and signed purchase contract of the produced or redundant electricity for the client.
Support of production units from renewable energy sources (RES)
Measurement and analysis of wind potential in the area of installation.
Preparation and filing of documents for licensing by the RAE
Preparation of economic-technical viability studies  .
Filing documents to the Ministry of Development for funding under the Third Community Support Framework
Advisory activities for funding from banks and CH.A.T.
The AIR-SUN AEBE, always taking into consideration environmental protection, proposes optimal solutions for each case and takes over the full materialization of the project by guaranteeing the ideal outcome that meets the highest efficiencies  at the lowest possible cost.


AIR TURBO: The first energy tree in the  world

This turbine Air-Turbo, patent of Leonidas Kontos who is from Ioannina, owner of the company of energy applications Air - Sun SA

The Wind Turbine Air Turbo is a "vertical axis" wind turbine , which rotates on an axis perpendicular to the ground, in contrast with the known wind turbines in the form of propeller and revolving on an axis horizontal to the ground. This gives to  Air Turbo the opportunity to use any wind direction, even in turbulent flow, spinning, and makes use even of rising or falling steams!

Special property of Air Turbo is its ability to exploit the entire volume of air passing through the structure, minimizing the drag forces, in contrast to the classic wind turbines  in which a significant proportion of air to "brake" them.

Further advantages of:

- Saves more kinetic energy to the spine  than any other turbine.
- Less stress in gusting winds.
-  Lower cost per WATT of energy produced.
- Power generation starts at a very low winds (2 Beaufort).
- Long life material.
- Aerodynamic design.
- The relationship between the operation and maintenance
  of ranges at extremely low levels.
- Zero noise in all operating conditions.
- Robust construction with high quality stainless steel to withstand time and weather.
- Latest technology phase permanent magnet generator.
- Rated output voltage: 12.24 and 48 volts.
- Guarantee 20 years.
The Wind Air Turbo can also be placed in:

- Public and Private Buildings
- Industrial installations
- Schools (cover 100% of the calorific needs a hybrid system.)
- Army (autonomy and needs and profit for the Greek army).
- Units cope with natural disaster.
- Credits to provide humanitarian assistance to non-grid points.
- Lines autonomous navigation vessels (non-pollution of the seas).
- Units rescue mobile and stationary.
- Cottages
- Campers
- Freezing milk
- Mountain refuges
- Drilling
- Automatic irrigation system
- Desalination
- Cattle farm  units and barns
- Advertising homes
Vertical axis wind turbines, Photovoltaic, Autonomous Lamps, Atmospheric generator for water production, Air Conditioners.
Managing Director:
Mr. Leonidas Kontos