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A visionary group of entrepreneurs recognized the urgent need for reliable and scalable sources of energy that could set the path to a sustainable energy future.

This ambitious goal comes to reality in 2006 and grows bigger in 2008, with the construction of the biggest biodiesel production plant in Greece.

We drive our business having one mission in mind: to change the world by developing a renewable source of energy that serves the environment stability.

We invest in providing consumers superior fuel products. Our strategically located facilities ensure that we deliver our high-quality products with safety and comfort.

We know what our key competitive advantages are:

1. Innovative technology application that delivers superior quality biodiesel by consuming  a variety of feedstock, while recycling used raw materials.

2. Competitive logistics and strategically selected base near petroleum companies in Greece and having access to the sea, creating a bridge to the global markets

3. Access to low priced feedstock through strategic partnerships and suppliers

GF Energy is certified by:
ISO 9001:20015 standard refers to Quality Management Systems and concerns all companies.The standard sets the requirements for the development and implementation of a management system in order to improve the function mode of the company and satisfy the customers needs.
To European Biodiesel Board (EBB) is the largest institutional representative of European producers of biodiesel. Our company is a full member of the EBB since 2011.
SVIVE is the institutional representative of biofuel producers in Greece from 2007.

Biodiesel raw materials (used olive oil and seed oil).