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Economy, speed construction, unlimited durability, easy maintenance, highly aesthetic and high quality are what, you ask for your home. We offer them the forty-five years expertise of the company DOMUS, the most dynamic presence in the field of prefabrication wood in Greece today.
Hotels, school buildings, offices or shops, agricultural installations and any kind of housing, permanent or holiday, alone or in residential complexes are some of the manufacturing capabilities of DOMUS. Alongside a full staff of scientists and technicians directly and comprehensively covering all project construction and operation needs (infrastructure, waste-water biological treatment, mechanical installations, swimming pools, equipment, gardens etc.), while providing all the services that an operator or simple individual will need to carry out the project (design and processing loans, financial studies, feasibility studies, publications reconstruction permits, budgets pensions EOT approvals or other organizations etc).
The flexibility of the prefabrication system DOMUS allows the construction of an unlimited number of types of housing, but also the emergence of any architectural style. Thus, the adjustment to the strict limitations of a traditional village or the construction of a mountain refuge or a home of Aegean and the design of new types or adaptation studies that already exist are matters that are dealt with ease.
The possibility of construction projects throughout Greece and abroad, consistency in delivery time and support and unlimited guarantee is three more points to complete the overview of the company DOMUS, giving the identity that you would like to trust your cooperation with us.

Hotels, School buildings, Commercial buildings, Energy efficient buildings, Green housing etc.
General & Export Manager:
Mr. Michalis Tzougas