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Polymichaniki LTD was founded in 2000 by Mr. Konstantinos Arvanitis and operates in the field of design and construction. Its offices are located at Gerakas Athens since 2009 and until then were resided at Maroussi Athens – a necessary move because of the ever increasing growth of the company. Its philosophy is reflected in the company’s projects that ensure a strong presence and an even brighter future in the field of constructions. The two main company activities are:

Design and construction of energy efficient buildings (since 2003)

Design and construction of buildings for commercial use

In 2003, the participation in EFCT programs in Brussels (Environmentally Friendly Construction Technologies), in conjunction with the design and construction of the first residential energy efficient project in Nea Makri during the same year, mark the beginning of a new direction in construction, which along with commercial buildings constitute the company’s two main sectors .

Building construction is based on a steel structure and a building frame of the highest technical specifications in order to ensure high earthquake protection and reduce energy losses. Such construction methods have been applied successfully for more than 20 years throughout the developed world and in all climate zones (mostly Germany, USA and Canada). Polymichaniki LTD designs and manufactures new buildings in this way for more than 9 years. Although it was a new proposal for the Greek market, far from the conventional methods, it was very successful and almost every client chooses the metallic structure in order to ensure the long term value of the construction and consequently of the investment.

In commercial building development, an area that has always been essential for us, Polymichaniki LTD has constructed the whole network of FORTHNET stores all over Greece, most of TIM stores, a very large part of GERMANOS stores, the majority of KAFKAS stores nationwide, COSMOTE charity projects, as well as a large number of projects for the NATIONAL BANKOF GREECE, CYTA, EUROBANK, CINNABON, CARREFOUR and other big companies. Alongside, a large number of various other projects for professionals has been implemented.

The company recognition in this field is a distinction earned by responding with consistency and stability in the continuous challenge of project delivery in very limited timeframes and simultaneously meeting high quality standards.

In its history, other typesof projects have been manufactured such as anti - seismic reinforcement of damaged buildings, construction of hospitals and luxury hotels, as well as renewable energy applications: photovoltaic systems on building roofs and photovoltaic parks.

Polymichaniki LTD supports its projects in terms of planning, design and construction. Its manpower consists of 40 employees, staffing the design and construction departments (architects, civil, electrical and mechanical engineers, technicians, foremen, truck drivers), the secretariat, the accounting and the legal department, always ensuring punctuality and high quality.

Chain stores, Commercial buildings, Energy efficient buildings, Food and hospitality premices, Green housing, Steel frame buildings.