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DUR S.A. is a Greek menswear company with a strong market presence dating back to over half a century. Based in Patras, the company has a wide network of 30 retail shops all over Greece under the DUR label, including shop-in-shop, while being supported by a strong business-to-business network.

DUR creates male fashion, synonymous to that of our contemporary way of life, bearing in mind the best possible quality/price relation. Its signature products being its shirts and polo shirts, DUR clothes are easily distinguished by their elegant, minimalist and comfortable lines, ideally balancing between the mystique of modern-day life and the timelessness of the classic, bringing out the uniqueness in every man.

The focal point of the DUR philosophy is the man who wants to stand out through a casual yet neat and elegant look, while aiming to maintain the long term brand loyalty that DUR builds with its customers by enabling them to combine brand name design and quality at the best possible price.

DUR, which has been listed on the Greek stock exchange since August 2000, directly and indirectly employs 80 staff members, thus directly contributing to the growth of the Greek economy and the reduction of unemployment.

Apart from its domestic activity, DUR has an international presence through its exports to the Middle East, Lebanon, Albania, Cyprus, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

The company is successfully continuing its vertical activity, while at the same time it is putting in place an annual “on sales”  policy in order to attract more customers and increase its turnover. DUR has improved its sales with the operation of its e-shop which offers customers the opportunity to purchase high quality clothing while saving time and enjoying the offers.

The Douros family, apart from its entrepreneurship, has played a significant role in the cultural, social and educational events in Greece and especially those of the city of Patras. DUR has been sponsoring the International Patras Festival for years as well as many initiatives that promote education and entrepreneurship such as the Development Forum / Money Show, the 17th & 18th InfoCom World convention, the TEDxPatras, the 1st Hotel Tech convention and the InfoCom Security convention in 2017 just to name a few.

DUR has recently received two very significant awards. In March 2017, the company was awarded for its long standing presence in the field of menswear during the function “Creative Greece 2017: Greek entrepreneurship and extroversion”, while only a month earlier the founder and president of DUR, Nikos Douros received an award from the non-profit Institute of Beneficial Actions and Charity “PLATON” for his significant contribution to the local community and the wider region of Achaia.

Mens wear (shirts, polo shirts and t-shirts, trousers, knitwear and cardigans, jackets, suits and blazers, shoes, accessories).