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In the minds of the consumers, the MORRIS brand name is a synonym for quality for quite some decades now. Starting from the legendary table-top dishwashers, MORRIS made its massive invasion in the vast majority of households of the time. With features such as high built quality, rigidity, durability as well as ease of use being the backbone of all MORRIS products, it did not come as a surprise that it came to be a brand viewed of highly in the market.

As time passed, the range of MORRIS products kept on gradually expanding and eventually start to include increasingly more product categories, while at the same time maintaining its known high quality and functionality levels. Currently, the range of MORRIS products has come ti include a wide array of domestic appliances such as white goods, small home appliances, as well as heating and cooling products.

MORRIS products are being designed implementing the latest technological trends and innovations so as to meet all the needs that a modern household might have.
In all stages, ranging from the designing and even up to the phase of the production
at the various state of the art factories around the world, quality control is constant as well as strict, so that the end products can meet the very high quality standards that have made MORRIS so widely known among people throughout the years.

Amiridis-Savvidis S.A. is the exclusive importer and distributor of MORRIS branded products in the markets of Greece, Cyprus as well as the Balkans. The companys elaborate sales network guarantees that MORRIS products can be found in the vast majority of retail stores, whereas the company’s vertical after sales support network guarantees that you shall have the best possible after sales services and support.

Cooling, Laundry, Cooking, Dishwashers, Small home appliances, Air conditioning, Dehumidifiers, Heating appliances, Fans, Hand dryers etc.