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B.I.M. MOSCHOS is well-known and respectable company in North-Greece, which is activated in crane manufacturing. IOANNIS MOSCHOS and his son BASILIS, the heart of our company, having completely understood the leveling problems that companies has to confront, give direct and credible solutions to any problem combined with small cost of acquisition and use based on their great experience and the known-how that our company has.

Consequence, sincerity and understanding are the elements that IOANNIS and BASILIS MOSCHOS achieved to inspire the company’s employees for the manufacturing of modern, credible and safe cranes.

We all, in B.I.M. MOSCHOS, using modern technology equipment, are working with responsibility and our first priority is the combination of high quality, on time services and harmonica during the cooperation with our customers.

B.I.M. hydraulic crane is a machine calculated for heavy duty leveling, easily controlled, fast and safe under all circumstances. Computer Aided Designed, with materials carefully selected, the more of them constructed in Europe like hydraulic pistons, safety valves, elastic pipes and rings, ensures a perfect result combined with strength and safe function.
At all the crane’s joints, carbonated rings of high strength are placed to reduce friction that ruins the connection’s elements. At all hydraulic pistons, safety valves are connected for machine’s and operator’s safety.

At the hydraulic control panel a regulation valve is connected, which automatically regulates the pressure inside the hydraulic circuit and ensures the perfect machine’s function. The circuit’s filter is placed on the oil tank, is metallic so there is no need for replacing and service cost is keeping small and easily removed for cleaning. The support feet can be prolonged to increased the stability, have safety switches and they are capable for individual height regulation if ground is uneven.

So by offering full service, by having single spare parts on time and by giving 1 year guarantee in combination with their low price and their small use cost B.I.M. machinery are the perfect choice.
The company received certification for the standards EN ISO 2001:2000
Manufacturing of lifting machinery.
Managing Director:
Mr. Ioannis Moschos
General & Export Manager:
Mrs. Anastasia Moschou
Desired cooperation:
Export / Direct Sales