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92, Olympou Str.
17342, Ag. Dimitrios, Athens

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Nicolis company was founded in 1975 by Leon Nicolis, having as its object the production of automatic glass doors, garage doors, shutters, etc., products for the time was very innovative for Greece. The company created and built the first automatic glass door Greek manufacturing. Since then, the company developed with production facilities in the Industrial Zone of Patras and is active in the manufacture of innovative products for the whole territory.

The company was established very soon in Greek market and stood for quality, expertise, consistency in its transactions, honesty and accountability that characterizes its partners.

Today Nicolis company represents and works with the largest and most qualified companies worldwide, offering high quality products at very affordable prices.

Maintaining during the years the personal character, personal contact with the customer and the undiminished interest for development and growth, has won the trust of the biggest names of the market and the most demanding solutions.

Our sales network makes it present throughout the Greek territory and in recent years we have engaged in export activities within and outside Europe (the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Cyprus, Africa)..

Indicatively we have worked with banks, government agencies, construction companies, contractors and individuals.

Thanks to our many years of experience and having applied the new quality management standard ISO 9001: 2008 (certified by TUV Rheinland) we have managed to provide sophisticated products that give your site security, aesthetics and quality.

Garage, industrial and automatic doors, signalling equipment, automatic car parking systems.
Type of company sought:
Construction companies, Civil engineers, Architects, Representatives, Mechanical engineers.
Desired cooperation:
Export / Direct Sales
Partnership / Trade Cooperation
Retail sale