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24, Polytechniou str.
54625, Thessaloniki

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The company with her current form was founded in 1991 with seat Thessaloniki and substantives emanated from transformation in Anonymous Company of "MATEL O.E." (that had been founded in 1984 from the Mattheou Bros). The administration is practised mainly by Mr Grigorios Mattheou, Chairman of D.S. and Mr George Mattheou, Directing Adviser that are also the basic shareholders of possessing the 95% of Participial Capital.


The Administration of Company is supported in the perception of Corporate Governing functioning through enacted team of Administration, as this is expressed by the Beginning of Corporate Governing, that except the other includes also the executives of Company as the Manager of Production, the Person in charge of Research and Technology, the Economic Manager as well as specialised exterior collaborators (Legal Adviser, Engineers, Adviser of Administration).


It is characteristic that the total of occupied executives has superior and maximum academic education.

The organisation of company supports itself in the client perception as this is expressed through the determination of needs of customers, the continuous follow-up of technological developments, the blending above and finally the expression of these in form of product to the consumer.


Through all above result is the growth of the company, as well as the aid of her competitive place in the Market.


Main object of activity is the manufacture and marketing of electronic products, as well as the growth of Common Systems of Aerials, land and satellite, for the reception and distribution of television signal, beginning from the planning, continuing with the vertical production of products, in order to it reaches until the sale and the complete technical support of these.


The existing and continuously improved infrastructure in mechanical equipment ensures the production (it concerns 19 different lines of production) and ensures the quality of produced products.


It is pointed out that the company applies system of guarantee of quality from 1994 and today possesses ISO 9001:2000 from the institution of certification TUV.

Aerial outlets TV.R. Sat, Filters R.F., Satellite amplifiers, TV antenna mixers, TV antennas, TV antennas amplifiers.
Managing Director:
Mr. Grigorios Mattheou
General & Export Manager:
Mrs. Christina Mattheou
Type of company sought:
Companies dealing in the field of terrestrial and satellite antennas signal reception systems.