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12, Patmou str.
15123, Maroussi, Athens

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ALTEC, the parent company of ALTEC group is one of the largest information technology companies in SE Europe.

With strong activity in the SE Europe - with subsidiaries in Bulgaria (SYSWARE BULGARIA S.A.) and Romania (SYSWARE ROMANIA S.A.) representative office in Serbia and strategic partners in Egypt and Cyprus - and multi-lingual open-architecture applications operating on the best-known platforms. ALTEC technologically supports its businesses while it is dynamically expanding to other countries.


ALTEC offers equipment, software, networks, communications, training and services through a large organization which aspires to stay ahead of developments in the software and telecommunications market.
The advanced know-how and the determination of ALTEC for the completion of projects, enables ALTEC to offer total customer solutions and has placed the company at the top of the IT and telecommunications sector.


ALTEC's activities focus on three basic sectors:
Assembly of ALTEC products - PCs, Notebooks, Servers, Cash Registers - ITC products' distribution of foreign firms and provision of support services.
Development and distribution of technologically advanced systems and software applications (Packaged - Custom Made - ERP).


Provision of cutting edge technology turn-key solutions, using the latest technology and applying modern methods of design and methodology to customers in the private, public, financial, insurance, telecoms, construction, energy, transport, healthcare and defence sectors.


ALTEC has been certified in accordance with the international ISO 9001:2000 standard for all its activities. Its solutions in terms of communication and IT systems for national armed forces and NATO are implemented by applying existing military standards and can serve structures of any size across the entire scale and regardless of type.


ALTEC has established networks of continuously appraised partners through which it promoted its products, as well as technical support systems and quality services. ALTEC's network operates today in a Pan-Hellenic range.

Cash registers, Notebooks, PCs, Servers, Software.
Managing Director:
Mr. A. Athanasoulis
General & Export Manager:
Mr. N. Katsaros