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85, Dimokratias Ave.
68100, Alexandroupoli

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Prisma Electronics S.A. is considered to be the specialist in the field of hi-tech applications. The last twelve years, the name of the company has become synonymous with electronics and information technology.

Since the begining of its operationσ, the company dynamically follows the technology trends, monitors the increasing market needs and participates actively in the technological revolution of the digital era.
The result of this continuous and consistent attempt placed the company at the top between the big names of the Greek market.


The vision to play the role of the technological pole and its operations in the field of Electronics, IT, Telecommunications, lately with Energy and its involvement in National and European R&D programs, constitute the portrait of Prisma Electronics, on a national and international dimension.


The personnel, the greatest asset of the company and its operations, reaches the level of 52 people (5 people with a Masters degree, 8 with Bachelor degree, 14 with Technological degree) and it is distinguished for its experience, know-how and its continuous effort to aquire new skills.


The facilities of the company are : the headquarters and the IT sector (700m²) located at 85 Demokratias Ave., in the town of Alexandroupolis, while the electronics sector (1900m²) is located in the industrial area of the town.


Prisma Electronics S.A is accredited by ISO 9001:2000, by TUV.

One major competitive advantage of the company is its geographical location, which offers direct access to the new and very promising neibourhood markets in Balkan and in Black sea.

Computer network materials, Computers, Electronic equipment, Machinery, Satellite communication services, Software development, computer, Telephone sets, ISDN, Telephone switchboards.
Managing Director:
Mr. Chr. Giordamlis